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Kohl Mansion

Kohl Mansion Front Kohl Mansion Back


Since its completion in 1914, the 63 room Tudor Mansion has opened its doors to countless famous people. The Kohl Family, during their two year residency, lavishly entertained dignitaries and the Peninsula elite.

After Frederick and Bessie Kohl separated in 1916, the mansion stood unused for quite some time, although it was maintained by staff of servants until Frederick's death in 1921.

In July of 1921, the mansion was rented to United Artists for the filming of "Little Lord Fauntleroy", staring MAry Pickford and her husband Douglas Fairbanks. The Hollywood "set" once again descended on the estate for the recent filming of "Flubber", staring Robin Williams.

Currently, the Kohl Mansion is open year-round for wedding receptions, concerts, dinners and corporate events, Individual rooms may be rented separately, as well as picnic facilities which include a swimming poll and tennis courts.

We hope you will consider this National Historical Landmark for your next special event.