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God formed us;
sin deformed us;
Jesus Christ transforms us.

If the world controls your thinking,
you are a conformer;
if GOD controls your thinking,
you are a transformer.

Warren Wiesbe

Like a spring of pure water,
GOD's peace in our hearts brings
cleansing and refreshment
to our minds and bodies.

Billy Graham

The same voice that brought
Lazarus out of the tomb
raised us to newness of life.

C. H. Spurgeon

My strength and hope is in the Lord
I rest secure in His Word
And though I've been tempted to despair
I know I'm always kept under His care.

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple,
but only GOD can count
the number of apples in a seed

Robert Schuller

GOD gives His gifts where He finds the vessel
empty enough to receive them.

C. S. Lewis

Before a man can be saved,
he must feel a consuming spiritual hunger.
Where a hungry heart is found,
we may be sure that GOD was there first.

A. W. Tozer

The key to a blessed life is to have
a listening heart that longs to know
what the LORD is saying.

Jim Cymbala

Doing GOD's will is never hard.
The only thing that is hard is not doing His will

Oswald Chambers

Praying effectively requires
the intervention of GOD's Holy Spirit.
Through the intentions of our hearts
and the engagement of the Spirit,
we discover the will of GOD.

Shirley Dobson

Any patch of sunlight in a woods
will show you something about the sun
which you could never get
from reading books on astronomy.
These pure and spontaneous pleasure
are "patches of Godlight"
in the woods of our experience.

C. S. Lewis

Christianity does not think of a man
finally submitting to the power of GOD,
It thinks of him as finnaly
surrendering to the love of GOD.
It is not that man's will is crushed,
but that man's heart is broken

William Barclay

To adore is to be drawn away from my own
preoccupations and into the presence of JESUS.
It means letting go of
what I want, what I desire, and what I have planned;
it means fully trusting JESUS and His love.

Henri Nouwen

GOD does not give us everything we want,
but He does fulfill all His promises
as He leads us along the best
and straightest paths to Himself

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

JESUS did not promise to change
the circumstances around us.
He promised great peace and pure joy
to those who would learn to believe
that GOD actually controls all things

Corrie ten Boom

The better you become acquainted with GOD,
the less tensions you feel
and more peace you possess.

C. H. Spurgeon

Peace does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.
Peace means to be in the midst of all those things
and still be calm in your heart.

Catherine Marshall

A great many people are trying to make peace,
but that has already been done.
GOD has not left it for us to do;
all we have to do is enter into it.

D. L. Moody

GOD's grace and power seem to reach their peak
when we are at our weakest point.

Anne Graham Lotz

Yes, GOD's grace is always sufficient,
and His arms are always open to give it.
But, will our arms be open to receive it?

Beth Moore

GOD will prove to you how good and acceptable
and perfect His will is when He's got His hands
on the steering wheel of your life

Stuart & Jill Briscoe

A philosopher once asked, "Where is GOD?"
The Christian answered,
"Let me first ask you, Where is He not?"

John Arrowsmith