Have you ever heard of anyone who created, or claimed to have created, a soul, as your Father in heaven has done for you and millions and millions of times over?

Have you ever heard of any creature who has paid the price for a soul in sin, and won salvation for them, as Jesus did for you and millions of others?

I am the Holy Spirit the Third Person of the Trinity. Just as no one other than the Father has the power to create, from nothing, a soul, and just as no one other than the Son has the power to pay the great price for salvation, no one other than I the Holy Spirit has the power to sanctify you.

My child, no one else can explain, teach or give to you My gift of KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, COUNSEL, WISDOM, FORTITUDE, PIETY AND FEAR OF THE LORD.

I alone can sanctify you and make you worthy to enter Heaven. When you accept these gifts I will reward you with peace, happiness and joy in this life as well as the next. Give me a chance, have faith in me, ask me your questions.

Many of these questions I have put into your thoughts as a way of leading you. Keep pondering these questions until I give you the answer. Prove to Me your faith. Do not give up, ask for My gift of FORTITUDE-but never give up. Your time has not come to know the answer to some of these questions. I want you to prove your faith to Me. You want to know how to recognize the Holy Spirit when I talk to you? I am the only one who can answer this question. Never stop listening for My answer.